Information and videos about 2015–2016 FYE courses will be available in the spring. New students will receive an e-mail from their advisors about the following:

1) Academic and Career Advising and FYE Program Videos
Watch the welcome video from your advisor. You'll also need to watch the online advising video, which will introduce you to First Year Experience (FYE) programs offered, general education, major, and other required courses you’ll need as you start your first term. The advising program must be watched and materials completed before you can meet with your advisor and register.

2) Registration
Once registration opens, it remains open until the end of the drop/add period. You will register online in BannerWeb. You must have completed the advising process and obtained approval from your advisor in order to register.

Special Note: If you think you might major in music, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, engineering, or education—these are “early starting” majors that require special attention. As soon as you hear from your advisor, be sure to tell him/her if you are considering one of these majors.

Find the Principia College Catalog here.