When do the academic semesters for 2014–2015 begin and end?

Semester begins
August 25
January 19*
Exam days
December 8–10
May 4–6
Break begins
December 11
May 9

*Please be sure to arrange travel plans so that you’re on campus for the start of classes.

When can I make flight reservations to return home after exams?

Find out when your last final exam is scheduled. Exam times are determined by the hour the course meets during the semester. You may leave campus after your finals are completed.

When do I find out what house I'm in?

You should receive a letter by the end of July informing you of your housing selection.

Can I request a house?

Not for freshmen housing. The Office of Student Life will consider requests from transfer students going into upper-class housing but does not guarantee those placements. Assignments are made based on space availability.

When will I find out who my roommate is?

You will find out (and meet) your roommate once you arrive on campus for orientation.

I’m coming for sports camp and my parents are coming for NPO (New Parent Orientation). What sort of schedule will I have during NPO?

Please call the Athletic Office at 618.374.5024 regarding the athletic schedules during NPO.

Should I get a credit/debit card or open a bank account near Principia?

Principia has an ATM machine in the Concourse (Howard Center) that accepts most bank cards, so local accounts are not necessary. The ATM machine does not charge a service fee, though your bank might. There are many banks located within 15–20 minutes of the College campus.

What size are twin extra-long bed sheets?

They’re twin-size sheets, but longer. You can get them at department stores such as Target and JC Penney.

Can I bring my car?

Students can have a vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, moped, Goped, motorized scooter, or Segway) on campus if they register it with Campus Security and abide by campus rules. 

Can I wait to purchase housing necessities until after I arrive on campus?

Basic necessities are available at Target, Walmart and Kmart. These stores are all located within 20 minutes of campus. Supplementary items are available through the College Bookstore.


For more information or answers to other questions, call the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid at 800.277.4648, ext. 2802 or 618.374.5181.