Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Principia include the score from the new writing section of the SAT or the ACT when determining cumulative or composite scores for scholarship eligibility?
A: Principia does include the writing section score in both tests.

Q: How is my high school grade point average (GPA) computed by Principia College?
A: Only solid academic subjects are considered in a re-computation of the high school GPA. These subjects are English, math, history, social science, natural science, and foreign language. All Advanced Placement (AP) courses are considered in the computation of the GPA. AP and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses are given one additional grade point; honors courses are given an additional half grade point. In this way, an A earned in AP English will earn 5.0 grade points rather than a 4.0 (4.5 for an A earned in an honors course). Courses in art, music, speech, drama, health, PE, shop, home economics, computer science, and other elective courses are not considered in the computation of the GPA.

Q: How does Principia College view AP and IB exams?
A: A student who enters Principia with satisfactory scores in AP examinations (3 or higher), in IB examinations (4 or higher in higher level examinations), and/or CLEP (scores are evaluated according to American Council on Education standards) in subjects that parallel courses given at Principia may receive college credit with approval of the department chairs concerned. No further examination or fee is required.

Q: Does Principia offer any athletic scholarships? 
A: As an NCAA Division III school, Principia is not allowed to offer athletic scholarships. Only academic scholarships, and the Founders', are offered by Principia.

Q. I want to apply for a scholarship. Is there a deadline to meet?
A. By completing the general application for admission, you will automatically be considered for academic scholarships. We begin considering applications and awarding academic and alumni scholarships on a rolling basis beginning September 1. If you are applying for the Founders' Scholarship, your application must be submitted with your admissions application.

Q: If I am admitted to Principia, when do I have to notify them of my decision? 
A: While we welcome acceptance notification to Principia College at any time, students must make all application and scholarship decisions by May 1, the national notification reply date.