Financial Aid 

Financial aid awards are based on demonstrated financial need, which is determined from information about the student and his/her family's income, assets, and expenses.

Financial aid is available to both one-year enrichment and four-year degree candidates. A financial aid application will be e-mailed to you when Principia receives your admissions application.

Principia is a private college, so more expensive than a public institution. If you are a committed Christian Scientist and Principia is your college of choice, please do not assume that you cannot afford a Principia education.  Generous financial aid options are available. Aid is applied to tuition, room, and board.

Additional Expenses

There are some additional expenses you must be prepared to assume—expenses you incur when you choose to attend a college in another country:

  • Passport application fee for your country
  • Visa interview fee of $160
  • SEVIS fee of $200 (Degree students) or $180 (Enrichment students)
  • Airfare to St. Louis, Missouri

Certification of Finances Form

This form is your opportunity to indicate the amount of money you/your family can contribute toward the educational cost of your academic year here.  Although it has Principia's name at the top, it is actually a standard government form and will become an important part of your visa documentation.  If you reference money in a bank account, you need to take the form to the bank and have an official either stamp it or write a two-sentence letter on bank letterhead saying that you (your family) maintain an account at the bank and the indicated funds are available. Click here for certification of finances form.