Your Award

Reviewing your Financial Aid Award

New Students: Once you have been admitted, your financial aid will be determined and an award letter will be sent in the mail. If you are awarded a loan, you will need to sign and accept your loan documents (as described in the process below).

Continuing Students: You will receive an email notification to your Principia email address advising you that your award is complete. Through BannerWeb (using Principia Login), you have 24/7 access to your financial aid award information and documents that are needed and/or received. Under the Financial Aid tab, you have access to award history, status, and the ability to print your award letter.

Information about our E-Sign Online Loan Process

Principia has partnered with ACS Education Services to provide an electronic loan process. Students (new and continuing) can now access and electronically sign loan documents anytime and no longer have to track paper notes. Additionally, students can complete the TILA (Truth in Lending Act) Disclosures all in one step.

Click here to access ACS E-Sign Online.

Logging In and Verification:
Since we do not use the FAFSA at Principia, you will not use a FAFSA pin to log in. Instead, you will type in your personal information. (The information you submit during the verification log-in process must match the data we have on file at Principia. For example, the login will require your full name, not a preferred name or nickname.)

Important Note: Your student ID can be found at the top of your financial aid award letter. (It begins with P01.)

If you run into a problem, please contact our office at

Completing the Loan eSign Process:
Once you have logged in successfully, you will go through a multi-step process to accept your TILA (Truth in Lending Act) documents (as required by the federal government) and Loan Promissory note. After you have eSigned your documents, you can print them for your records or access them anytime. During this process, you are also given the opportunity to Opt out and print your notes. (Note: If you do this, please send your signed notes to the Financial Aid Office.)