Outside Resources

While there are many outside scholarship and loan sources available, we do not recommend fee-based services. However, the following resources are legitimate organizations from which you might qualify for need-based aid.

Albert Baker Fund

This private organization provides low-interest loans and grants to students who are sincere, active students of Christian Science. For information and an application, go to their website at www.albertbakerfund.org.

Sunnyside Foundation

This organization provides grants to Texas residents who are Christian Scientists and who attend a U.S. college or university. Contact: 8222 Douglas Avenue, Suite 501, Dallas, TX 75225, 214.692.5686 or 888.663.8326. Their website is www.sunnysidetexas.org

Illinois Educational Foundation for Christian Scientists

Residents of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, and Wisconsin may be eligible for these grants. Contact: P.O. Box 6072, Champaign, Illinois 61826 .

Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis

This interest-free loan program for undergraduates awards loans of up to $4500 annually. Loans are available to students who are permanent residents of the St. Louis metropolitan area or who live in specific counties in Missouri and Illinois. Contact: The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis, 8215 Clayton Road, St. Louis, MO 63117, 314.725.7990. For further information e-mail the Foundation or visit their Web site

Private grants/scholarships

Many firms and unions provide scholarships to employees and their children. Local philanthropic organizations also provide aid to residents. Contact your guidance counselor, union office, or company personnel office for information.

Other resources

Books are available at public libraries with information on grant, loan, and scholarship programs across the country. Scholarship information can also be found online. Some Internet sites that might be helpful include www.finaid.org, www.fastweb.org, and www.collegeanswer.com.

Your contribution

Since Principia aid does not cover 100 percent of the college costs, it is expected that you will come to Principia with enough funds to cover whatever remains after financial aid is applied. Many students find that vacation jobs — including Christmas break, which lasts six weeks for Principia College students — are vital to help them pay for expenses during the school year.