Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: What does it cost to go to Principia College?
A: Tuition, room and board, and activity fees costs for 2015–2016 are approximately $37,750 before financial aid and scholarships. See the Costs page for a breakdown of annual costs.

Q: Does Principia accept payment from 529 Savings Plans?
A: Yes, currently Principia College is eligible to accept funds from 529 savings plans. Named after the federal Internal Revenue Code Section 529 that gave these accounts special tax status, 529 Plans were specifically created for college savings. Principia’s Title IV code is 001744.

Q: When should I apply for financial aid? 
A: Principia College processes financial aid applications on a rolling basis. To insure a timely response, your aid application should be mailed at approximately the same time your admissions application is mailed to Principia. To be considered for all possible aid sources, your application should be submitted no later than March 1 for new students, and April 15 for returning students.

Q: When will I be notified about my financial aid application? 
A: Once you are admitted and you have submitted all financial aid papers, you will hear from the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible. Don't forget to have your parents send us their most recent Federal tax returns (Form 1040) along with your Principia Financial Aid application.

Q: How can I obtain a CSS PROFILE Application?
A: You can register for one at or by calling toll free at 800.778.6888. 



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