Work Reference

Principia College
Office of Admissions and Financial Aid
Elsah, Illinois 62028-9799
Phone 800-277-4648
Fax 618-374-4000

The Admissions Committee would like your candid and objective assessment of this applicant. Please include information concerning each of the following characteristics and/or work capabilities: strengths, weaknesses, problem-solving aptitude, ability to work independently or in a team environment, work ethic, potential for advancement, responsibility, trustworthiness, commitment and follow-through.

Please comment on this applicant's proficiency in an employment setting. We are particularly interested in his or her ability to analyze challenges and adapt and complete tasks effectively. The use of necessary equipment, his or her level of customer service skills, and any other relevant skills demonstrated by the applicant would also be helpful to know.

ExcellentAbove averageAverageBelow average
Ingenuity and intelligence
Work habits
Work quality
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