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Academic Assessment

Principia College offers a very generous academic merit scholarship program based, in part, on the student's achieved academic record in solid academic subjects (excluding most electives). Principia re-evaluates every high school transcript and assigns an additional .5 to each designated Honors course and one point for each AP or IB course. Please designate on the transcript which courses are Honors, AP, or IB so Principia can give this extra value to the applicant's GPA. Without this designation, Principia cannot assign this additional value, thus possibly denying a scholarship to a deserving student. See our Scholarship Information page for more information.

Please complete the applicant's senior year program of study below if this information is not included on the high school transcript.

Character Assessment

Referring to personal characteristics, which positive and negative adjectives come to mind as you consider this applicant? We are interested in the applicant's intellectual promise, motivation, maturity, integrity, leadership potential, concern for others, and so forth. Please write comments you feel are important about this applicant, and share with us information that will differentiate this student from others.

Overall Assessment

ExcellentAbove averageAverageBelow average
Academic ability
Extracurricular contributions
Personal qualities
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