Giving References

 Here are the online reference forms:

Christian Science References

All Christian Science references must interview applicants prior to submission of this reference form.

Applicants are expected to be practicing Christian Scientists, as demonstrated through reliance on Christian Science for healing and through regular attendance in a Christian Science Sunday School or church.  High school seniors should include one reference from their current or recent previous Sunday School teacher. The second reference can be from a Christian Science practitioner or teacher or fellow church member. References from family members, someone related to you or peers will be considered but not counted as one of the two required references.

Academic Reference

The academic reference is required in the application process to provide a greater understanding of the applicant in a classroom setting and gauge the applicant’s preparedness for a rigorous college curriculum.  An academic reference from an English teacher or another core subject, preferably one in which writing is a major component, is preferred. References from non-core subjects will be included with the application but do not count as the main academic reference.  

Guidance Counselor Reference

Whether you have just met your guidance counselor or have known them for four years, the Admissions committee requires some basic minimum information from your guidance counselor.


The Admissions Office prefers that your references fill out the online forms, which you can easily e-mail to them with appropriate links. References can also print out the forms and either send them to our office via regular mail, or fax the forms to us with the information below:

Office of Admissions and Financial Aid
Principia College 
1 Maybeck Place
Elsah, IL 62028

Main: 800.277.4648, ext. 2802 or 618.374.5181
Fax: 618.374.4000
Your admissions counselor