Getting Started

 Principia needs some basic information from you to activate your file:

  • Your complete legal name (first, middle, last, and in that order, please)
  • Your preferred first name
  • Your date of birth (spell out month, please)
  • Your mailing address and telephone number
  • Your email address
  • The month and year you completed secondary school
  • A description of any further schooling you have had
  • Names of siblings, relatives, or friends at Principia
  • Name of branch church you attend.

Please remember:

  • Your file will be listed in Principia’s database alphabetically by your family name.  Make sure your family name is on everything you submit so we will know it came from you. 
  • All application materials must be completed online.
  • Your first and most urgent task: register for SAT and, if necessary, the TOEFL. Determine whether you need to take both the SAT and TOEFL.  You must register well in advance of the testing date. For both the SAT and the TOEFL, you must indicate Principia College’s testing code, which is 1630.  In this way both you and Principia will get an official copy of your score report. You will need to bring your copy of your score report to your visa interview. 

SAT registration

We require the SAT Reasoning Test. It will be given worldwide on the following Saturdays: October 5, November 2, December 7, and January 25. Unless you are exempted from the test by the International Student Program Manager, Marina Byquist, or have taken the SAT within the past 2 years, you must take it on one of these four dates. When registering, please use Principia's testing code, 1630. The cost this year is $49 plus a $26 international processing fee. Registration procedures and deadlines vary by country. Please check with your counselor.

TOEFL registration

Many applicants do not need to take the TOEFL test, so check with the international admissions counselor, Ifi Xifre Villar, before registering. Applicants who must take the TOEFL test are asked to register for the internet-based test. To view online TOEFL information, please viit Once you have registered for the test(s), you can complete the other admission requirements in any order, as long as Principia receives everything by the application deadline.