Academic Programs

Principia College has two programs for international students:

  • A four-year Degree Program leading to a BA or BS degree
  • A one-year Enrichment Program for non-degree-seeking students

Principia is a liberal arts college, not a specialized or technical school. Therefore, the curriculum emphasizes writing, quantitative reasoning, information literacy, and critical thinking. These skills are applicable to all professions and prepare students to contribute to society in a variety of ways.

Course instruction often involves discussion, and students participate actively in exchanges with classmates and professors. Additionally, Christian Science-based character education is an integral part of all academic and co-curricular programs.

Four-year Degree Program

Principia offers bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degree programs. Choose from more than 24 majors and minors (areas of study), or consider designing your own.

Course selection is based on general degree requirements and the your area of interest. More information can be found in the College Catalog.

Note: Principia does not offer graduate degrees or remedial academic courses.

one-year Enrichment Program

This program allows you to experience Principia's learning environment without pursuing a degree. The program includes ten fifteen-week courses over two terms. You'll be encouraged to take a variety of courses during the year—some courses recommended by an academic advisor, others of the your own choosing.

There are generally two types of students who choose the one-year program:

  • those have recently completed secondary school and want to have a different educational and cultural experience before they enter university in their own country
  • those who already have an undergraduate degree.  (If you already have a degree and plan to apply for financial aid, you may only apply for the one-year program).