John Lane

Principia College Admissions Counselor

Personal Info

John Lane
Cell: 314.329.1473
Office: 800.277.4648, ext. 5572

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My favorite college experiences

During my time at Principia College, my life was filled with fun and exciting character-building experiences that prepared me for the "real world" and dramatically altered my perspective on life:

  • Bonding with my house brothers in Buck House
  • Serving on my house board
  • Playing intramural sports
  • Managing special events as a member of the Social Committee
  • Interning with an event production company in Venice, CA
  • Sleeping in a Mayan village and visiting ancient ruins on an abroad to Mexico
  • Building set pieces and participating as a stage hand for the musical 42nd Street
  • Reviving the Cheerleading Club
  • Experiencing Christian Science healings

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Find out about Principia firsthand

Whether you’ve heard a lot or a little about Principia College, come see for yourself what life is like here:

  • Meet with professors
  • Talk to coaches
  • Get to know current students
  • Explore the campus
  • Find out about financial aid

Hanging out by the Chapel with my sister before one of the student-run services. 

Visiting a Mayan ruin in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico during an abroad

Hanging out with Principia alumni in NYC post graduation