Women's Studies Courses

List of Courses:
  • 170 - Gender Paradigms
    Examines underlying assumptions about male and female roles throughout history, then focuses on contemporary issues. Addresses the questions of why status differences exist between the sexes, how people are socialized into stereotyped sex roles, and how individuals can move beyond limitations imposed by prescribed sex roles. Also listed as SOAN 170.
  • 335 - Gender & Masculinity
    This course examines the social construct of masculinity. What does it mean to be a male in contemporary American society? How does this compare with notions of manhood in other cultures and in other time periods? Readings include representative selections of the diverse literature on men and theories of masculinity. Also listed as SOAN 335. Prerequisite: SOAN/WOM 170.
  • 360 - Gender Theories
    Attempts to answer the questions of how and why gender oppression and discrimination occur. Covers a variety of theoretical perspectives and focuses on solutions for ending aggression and oppression. Also listed as SOAN 360. Prerequisite: SOAN/WOM 170.
  • 365 - Global Perspectives of Women
    An in-depth study of the critical areas of concern for women's empowerment around the world. The course includes theoretical critiques of women's movements and methodologies. Also listed as SOAN 365.
  • 410 - Senior Seminar
    The senior seminar serves to culminate the minor in women's and gender studies. A topic and/or experiential project is selected and treated in depth with readings, discussion, and/or implementation. Students bring with them to the course depth and variety from two electives in women's and gender studies. Prerequisite: SOAN/WOM 170, SOAN/WOM 360, and two electives in women's and gender studies.