Women's and Gender Studies

Women’s and Gender Studies

Women’s and gender studies is by definition an interdisciplinary field. Gender is studied as a social construction that needs to be examined in conjunction with race and class. In addition, culture and history shape and inform gender roles and experiences. The minor in women's and gender studies exploees the following issues:

  • the ways in which gender is defined and the evolution of those definitions over time
  • the roles women have played in the sciences, arts, politics, religion, and other fields
  • the obstacles that have affected women's lives, their words, their study, their status
  • the impact of gender roles on men and women in the workplace and in society at large

Along with three courses based in the Sociology and Anthropology Department, students completing the minor take classes from two other disciplines and complete a senior seminar during which they explore a topic in depth.

What our students do during college
  • Help plan the annual, student-run Public Affairs and International Perspectives Conferences
  • Study abroad in Europe, Asia, China, Australia, or Central or South America
  • Help plan the annual SPEAK (Students of Principia for Education, Awareness, and Kindness) event, during which students present poetry, music, dances, and theatre pieces that address some of the challenges facing women around the world in order to raise awareness and inspire action in support of gender rights and equality
What our students do after college
  • Atend a variety of graduate programs or law school
  • Teach in public and private schools
  • Join the Peace Corps
  • Work in business, government, social services, and the arts