All Principia students are encouraged to participate in a Study Abroad program during their four years of undergraduate work—usually, though not exclusively, focusing on a topic related to their major.

Students in the Department of Theatre and Dance are offered regular opportunities to participate in arts-focused abroads.

Fall 2014: England Abroad

The England Abroad program focus is to help students discover what it means to be an artist. Shakespeare will act as our central case study—what did it mean in his time to be an artist—both an actor and a writer? What does it mean to be an artist today? Students will explore the art of acting, the art of theatre reviewing, the art of research, and the art of literary criticism.

This program is being led by Heidi Snow, associate professor of English, Chrissy Calkins Steele, assistant professor of Theater, and Caleb King, who is travelling with the group as program resident counselor.

Traveling with other Christian Scientists was the most important factor for me. The support we gave each other, along with the growth we were able to share, was irreplaceable.