Alumni Stories

Doug Cooper (C’06)

While attending Principia, Doug created a special major in aviation education and management. He is now a Contract Pilot, Flight Instructor, and Business Owner.

“A big part of my reason for transferring to Principia was the ability to design a special major. I included an internship at an aircraft charter company as one of my requirements so that I could get out into the field. Since I was studying business along with aviation, I decided to study every department in the company to evaluate how the company functioned overall.

“Later, talking things over with some of my professors spurred me into starting my own business, Enlighten Air. I provide pilot services and flight instruction to people who’ve purchased (or plan to purchase) an airplane. I’m traveling all over North America and loving it. For a while I  did this on the side, but it grew quickly and has been my full-time job for a couple of years now. If I hadn’t gone to Principia, there’s a good chance I wouldn’t have considered having my own company.

“A lot of things stand out about the Principia experience, but one of the biggest is how much the College has to offer and how easy it is to get involved in any activities you may be interested in. It’s a very, very well-rounded campus. A large college might not offer some of the things you find at Prin. Plus, I have friends in Russia, South America, and South Asia now!”