Special Studies Program

The special individualized major program gives students an opportunity to design their own major or carry out a major not regularly offered by Principia. The special major program combines the strengths of living and studying at Principia with the flexibility of an individualized set of courses uniquely suited to the student’s academic interests. Special majors draw upon existing Principia courses and can include courses from other institutions. Special individualized majors can be an original unique design or built from existing templates in popular areas. 

Recent examples of special majors include:

  • family studies
  • art history
  • range science
  • film studies
  • music production

Special majors must follow the same distribution requirements for BA or BS degrees.

Learn how students with special majors in music production and audio engineering are using Principia's recently renovated recording studio.

I was eating sushi with one of my professors, and she said she'd be willing to work with me to create a special major . . . . For my capstone, I'm looking at how art can be used for political change.