Sociology and Anthropology

Sociology and Anthropology

The Sociology and Anthropology Department provides students with more than just knowledge of different cultures and societies. It critically engages them in exploring and evaluating the challenges and complexities of societies with a focus on race, class, and gender and with a global perspective. 

What our STUDENTS do during college
  • Complete an internship in the U.S. or abroad
  • Take part in off-campus service program
  • Develop an understanding of other cultures and of the interplay between social forces and individual circumstances
  • Prepare for graduate school and for careers in law, international relations, and public service

See the College Catalog for more detailed information about our program and departmental learning outcomes.

You Can Do More Here

While attending Principia, Kristen Rosen (C’11):


  • majored in sociology and minored in religion as well as Asian studies
  • served as co-director of the Public Affairs Conference on human trafficking
  • went on an abroad to India
  • performed in dance productions
  • joined Plus One, an a cappella group
  • conducted an independent research project on Indian marriage practices
  • presented her paper at an anthropology conference at the University of Wisconsin, Madison

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