BA in Religion
Religion, general emphasis
Religion, biblical studies emphasis

Discovering the richness of scriptural texts, comparing the beliefs and practices of world religions, analyzing the history of the great monotheistic faiths, and understanding the history of the Christian Science movement in its social, political, and religious context—these expeditions of mind and heart are part of the study of religion at Principia College. As you travel on the academic journey of biblical and religious studies, you’ll be guided and challenged by faculty, whose purpose is not to indoctrinate but to liberate, not to tell you what to think but to free you to think courageously, inquisitively, and compassionately. Your engagement with the vital questions of meaning, community, ethics, and spirituality will prepare you to contribute significantly to a world impacted at every level by religion.

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While attending Principia, Heather Libbe (C’11) also:


  • Double majored in religion and business
  • Played on the varsity tennis and cross country teams
  • Went on abroads to the Carribean and Nepal
  • Was a reader for the Christian Science Org., an active member of the CS church in Elsah, and a CS practitioner
  • Participated in community service activities
  • Served as House Treasurer, Metaphysical Head, and Resident Assistant (RA)
  • Member of Community Board and Education Trustee Committee
  • Worked as busuness manager for Principia Internet Radio (PIR)
  • Participated in camera club

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