Political Science / International Relations

BA in Political Science—Politics and Policy
BA in Political Science—International Relations
Political Science—Politics and Policy
Political Science—International Relations

Political science is the systematic study of government, politics, and the policy process. It focuses on the analysis of structures, functions, processes, and systems of government and their interrelationships; of political behavior, such as elections and public opinion; and of the formation of public policy including the conflicts and compromises involved, as well as the merits of policies that are the ever-changing results of the political process. The Political Science Department offers two tracks: Politics and Policy and International Relations.

Politics and Policy focuses on the core fields of political science—American government and politics, international relations, comparative politics, political philosophy, and methodology. This track is strong preparation for law school.

International Relations examines the impact of politics, history, economics, and cultural relationships of countries and people across the globe. Building on a strong foundation in political science, it embraces the interdisciplinary nature of international politics and policy.

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While attending Principia, political science major Will Buchanan (C’10):

  • Led Principia’s Model United Nations team and won Delegate’s Choice and Chair’s Choice awards
  • Co-directed the Public Affairs Conference
  • Was student body president
  • Interned with the U.S. Congress's House Appropriations Committee in Washington, DC, and with The Christian Science Monitor in Boston
  • Went on the Vietnam abroad
  • Served as a reader for the Christian Science Org
  • Performed around St. Louis with a blues band
  • Played ultimate Frisbee on the Chapel Green

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