BA in Philosophy

Philosophy is the study of deep, meaningful, timeless questions concerning the nature of knowledge, justice, reality, goodness, beauty, and truth. What is real? How can we know anything? What actions are morally just? Philosophy majors at Principia College read and study the ideas of philosophers, religious thinkers and political leaders. Courses in philosophy are specifically designed to encourage broad-minded, critical, and compassionate thinking about the world and humanity's place in it. As a result, studying philosophy is relevant to all disciplines and any career.

What our majors do during college
  • Participate in an annual, on-campus philosophy conference
  • Grapple with values and ethics and develop a personal philosophy
  • Prepare for a variety of graduate programs, including law school
  • Study abroad in places such as India, Nepal, Tibet, China, and the Czech Republic
  • Submit a paper to a professional philosophy conference as part of Junior Seminar
What our majors do After College

Philosophy classes at Principia are popular! Many students pair a minor in philosophy with a major in any number of disciplines from the visual and performing arts to the sciences. Others choose to major in philosophy, sometimes as a second major.

That's what Brian Bort (C'04) did with his political science and philosophy double major. After graduating, he earned an MFA in creative writing and published two books of poetry.

Chris Yearwood (C'08) completed a major in theatre and a minor in philosophy. "I loved it that the liberal arts at Prin allowed me to explore classes I would never have been exposed to otherwise," he notes. All it took was one philosophy class before Chris was hooked—which makes perfect sense when you think about it. Knowing how to explore life's timeless questions from a variety of perspectives probably comes in handy for an improv artist and theatre director!

See the College Catalog for more detailed information about our program and departmental learning outcomes.

I discovered a real passion for philosophy, which became my minor. I found parallels and connections that I wasn't expecting. This actually helped me in theatre.