Music Faculty

Dr. Joseph Van Riper Department Chair
DMA, George Mason University
MM, Illinois State University
BA, Principia College
Jim Dowcett  
Visiting Faculty
James Hegarty  
MM, Northern Illinois University
MM, American Conservatory of Music
BA, Principia College
Dr. Marie Garritson Jureit-Beamish  
MM, MMA, DMA, Yale University
MA, Stanford University
University of California, Berkeley
BA, Music and French
Laura Parker  
AD, Yale University
BMus, MM, University of Hartford
Rose Whitmore  
Visiting Faculty

“Our students who want to go to further music study are very well prepared by the time they graduate. Along with our rigorous music program, majors get a full liberal arts education. That breadth feeds and nurtures an understanding of life they wouldn't get in a music school.”