BA in Mathematics
BS in Mathematics

Mathematics is a deductive science that investigates properties of numbers and shapes. As a result, emphasis is placed on learning to prove various facts and concepts about these objects from first principles. In the process, students hone their knowledge of algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and properties of numbers as they learn about analysis (calculus), vectors, algebraic structures, and properties of important and sophisticated functions from areas of application.

options within the Department

Bachelor of science—This degree is designed for students planning to teach high school or pursue careers in applied mathematics

Bachelor of arts—This degree is appropriate for those preparing for graduate work in mathematics.

What our majors do during college
  • Join the solar car team
  • Tutor housemates in math
  • Give talks at regional mathematics conferences
  • Study abroad in Asia, Europe, and Central or South America
  • Compete in the Association for Computing Machinery's annual programming contest
  • Participate in weekly math contests
  • Build lifelong mentoring relationships with professors
What our majors do after college
  • Complete graduate study in mathematics and engineering
  • Work in a variety of careers in the private and government sectors that require applied mathematics or statistics—finance, operations research, national defense, and information technology, for example
  • Teach in public and private schools

See the College Catalog for more detailed information about our program and departmental learning outcomes.