Alumni Story

Kirsten Johnson (C ’12)

The high school Kirsten Johnson attended in Texas was huge—her graduating class had over 1,200 students! 

As a result, “I knew I wanted to go to a small college where professors would know my name,” says this mass communication major.  “I could speak up in the small classes at Prin, and felt I had something to contribute. I loved the liberal arts studies—taking classes in different disciplines helped me to figure out my interest areas.”

When she took “Introduction to Mass Communication” her freshman year, Kirsten immediately knew she had found her niche.  “The major offers excellent classes . . . and the faculty is outstanding and bring much professional experience to the classroom,” Kirsten says.

The summer after graduating, Kirsten started a job as project manager at the Unleaded Group, a cutting-edge website development company in Denver, Colorado—a direct result of having interned there between her junior and senior year. An internship is required of all mass communication majors, and another Principia student who had interned with Unleaded helped Kirsten make the link. “Unleaded was eager to have another Principia student, because my boss commented that Prin students are unlike other interns they’ve had and have always impressed her!” Kirsten says.

The Mass Communication major requires students to also work on Principia Internet Radio, The Pilot (student newspaper), or The Sheaf (yearbook).  Kirsten served as copy editor of The Pilot and editor of The Sheaf.  “These were valuable, hands-on experiences, and helped me develop skills for my career.” Kirsten says. “I have constant interaction with current and prospective clients, and work very closely with our graphic designers, copywriters, and web developers.”

“I love what I do, and Prin really prepared me,” Kirsten says. “Good communication skills are essential, and Prin provided the opportunity to speak and write effectively.  I felt like everything I did at Prin was so purposeful.”

 “Our company is a highly demanding environment with long hours,” she adds. “I developed a strong work ethic at Prin, which was great preparation for this career.”