What better way to absorb and understand history than in the very places and among the people where it was made?

Principia’s study abroad programs make it possible to do just that. Most abroads include an element of historical review to ensure a fuller appreciation of the country and culture being encountered. And some focus specifically on the political or cultural history of a nation or region as a way of understanding current trends and conditions.

Here are a couple of study abroad programs with a focus on history: 

Japan Abroad (Fall 2012)

Students studied modern-day Japan through the lenses of history, culture,  language, and contemporary society.  The overall goal was for students to understand the key values, events, and forces that have shaped Japan’s history and culture, define its society today, and provide the context for Japan’s future in the 21st century.

Russia Abroad (Spring 2014)

This abroad, titled “Saint-Petersburg, the old and new Russia,” will focus on understanding Russia, its people, and its role in the past, present, and future. Courses will include Russian language, civilization, history, and politics.