Global Perspectives Courses

List of Courses:
  • 115 - Global Citizenship
    This course introduces students to both the Global Studies major and the concept of global citizenship which is one of the learning outcomes for the Global Studies major. Students will discuss various definitions, values, and practices of a global citizen and will define the concept for themselves.
  • 225 - Global Issues
    This course introduces students to issues that are global in scope and that raise complex problems that need to be considered with the concepts and tools of more than one discipline.
  • 270 - World Focus Seminar
    Students develop an awareness of the major problems of the world and the way in which these problems are interconnected through the study of geography and current events. May be taken four times up to a total of four semester hours.
  • 315 - Strategies to Global Solutions
    This course introduces students to the concept of transdisciplinary research in the context of solving complex, global issues. Students are introduced to at least four disciplines learning about questions asked, methods used to gather data and research a question, and analytical frameworks applied. Students then have the opportunity to practice various methods. The class culminates with a research proposal.
  • 350 - Nonprofits: Theory & Practice
    This course introduces students to the U.S. and international nonprofit sectors including historical and social foundations, best practices and theories within the sector, and major trends. As a service learning course, students are required to volunteer with a local nonprofit while enrolled in this course.
  • 405 - Internship
    This course provides an opportunity to gain practical experience in fields related to Global Studies. Includes field sponsor supervision, journals, colleague interviews, and final research paper. Title will be extended to describe the topic. May be offered for variable credit from one to six semester hours. May be repeated once for a total of 6 semester hours if internship sites differ.
  • 431 - Worldography
    A seminar involving critical reading and discussion of eight outstanding books on different world-encompassing issues. Seminar conducted by selected faculty. Open only to global perspectives majors.
  • 435 - Capstone Proposal
    A seminar in which students select and research a capstone topic, critically analyze appropriate sources for these topics, and write a formal proposal for their capstones.
  • 440 - Global Studies Capstone
    Individual research and writing on the research question developed in GLBL 435. Course work culminates in a significant research paper and/or project. Prerequisite: GLBL 435.

I feel that global perspectives is a truly liberal arts major. All the courses [have] helped me to be a much more thoughtful person, never accepting just one side of a story or one way of doing things, but knowing there are multiple ways to approach a problem.