Global Perspectives

BA in Global Perspectives
Global Perspectives

The global perspectives major prepares students for life in the 21st century––a century of rapidly changing paradigms in an increasingly globalized world. Interdisciplinary by nature, the program is designed to help students understand the complexities of today's world. The global perspectives major integrates topics across a variety of fields to help students develop a well-informed worldview. Topics include civilizations and their histories, religions, comparative economics, global ethics, cultural and language diversity, international politics and ideologies, world geography, current events, and global environmental issues.

In addition to required and elective courses, students engage in a service project or program emphasizing the development of cultural sensitivity and awareness. As the culmination of their concentrated area of global study, majors undertake a senior capstone project focused on an issue of international concern that underscores the importance of global awareness.

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While attending Principia, global perspectives major Natalie Zdan (C’12):

  • was involved in the Public Affairs Conference(PAC)
  • served as a reader for the Christian Science Organization 
  • was president of the swing dancing club - participated in the Amnesty International branch 
  • conducted research for her seniorcapstone on the extent to which English has become the lingua franca for business and scientific research the world over

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