Upcoming Abroad

Dominica (January 2015)

This program will allow students to investigate the intersection of ecology, conservation, and economic development in a small island nation.

Learn more about the Dominica and other upcoming abroads here.

Past Abroad

Mongolia (2010 Summer)

Students spent one week in China and eight weeks in Mongolia exploring the connections between physical, biological, and human environments. They drew connections between geology, the natural history of Mongolia, and Mongolian culture.

In the Hangay Mountains, students climbed up into an extinct volcanic cone, observed features formed by glaciers, and swam under a beautiful waterfall cascading over a basalt cliff. They drove into the Gobi Altai Mountains to the south to see fissures in the ground and a huge landslide caused by a large earthquake over 50 years ago, and then traveled farther south into the desert steppes and Gobi Desert exploring for fossils. They also trekked in the high Altai Mountains in the northwestern part of Mongolia where they camped next to glaciers that flowed down the valleys between the peaks.