BA in French—French Language
BA in French—French and Francophone Studies

The French major at Principia Colleges provides a strong foundation in all aspects of the French language and culture. Coursework emphasizes fundamental language skills including oral fluency and comprehension, the ability to speak and write correctly, and how to understand and analyze various texts written in French. It equips students with knowledge of French history and civilization, an understanding of French society and the Francophone world through literature, film, and other media, and an appreciation of the cultures and values of the French-speaking world.

Language Certificate
The Department of Languages and Cultures also offers a Language Certificate in both French and Spanish, which is available to majors and non-majors alike.  The certificate recognizes students' proficiency in the language based on the standards of the nationally-recognized ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) test.  With global business being conducted more and more in languages other than English, the certificate provides another way for students to prepare for success in multilingual environments.

See the College Catalog for more detailed information about our program and departmental learning outcomes.

Why Study French?

  • French is one of the two global languages of the world besides English.
  • Knowing French allows you to travel globally: French is spoken in more than 40 countries and 14 territories by over 200 million people around the world.
  • French is considered as an essential language for world affairs.
  • France has the 6th largest economy in the world and French is among the top five languages in terms of web pages used on the Internet.
  • It is estimated that someone who has never studied French already knows approximately 15,000 words and expressions in the language.
  • Students who have studied French earn higher scores on standardized tests including GRE and LSAT.

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