Upcoming Abroad:

Shakespeare’s England (Fall 2014) 
This abroad helps Theatre and English majors appreciate Shakespeare’s work as both literature and theatre. Students travel England, spending time in London and Stratford to conduct research and experience theatre before returning to campus to employ what they’ve learned in a production of one of Shakespeare’s plays.


Watch the video above to learn more about the England abroad in the fall of 2011.

The Prague Abroad (Fall 2013) 
Students will explore the connections between creativity, critical thought, and responsible citizenship through cultural study, creative writing, and studio art. Students will have direct interaction with working artists and writers as well as take part in a service learning project while study in Prague and the Czech Republic.



My Principia education was invaluable because of just how wide my experience was. Almost anything that interested me I had the opportunity to explore. Before I came to school, I worried Principia might be too small and I wouldn't get a diverse experience. I actually found the small community had the opposite effect. Instead of being locked into one field of study or group of friends, I was able to reach out and experience learning first-hand from experts in all fields, had friends from different clubs as well as countries, and there were endless new experiences available at my fingertips.