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English—Literary Studies
English—Creative Writing

Principia’s English Department is an active community of students and faculty—thinkers, readers, and writers dedicated to improving lives through critical and creative practices.

The department builds community through regular on- and off-campus events—student readings, visits from authors, dinners and workshops, trips to talks and readings, and abroad programs. Through courses and activities, students develop empathy, cultivate analytical and critical faculties, and fine-tune their writing, becoming engaged readers and spirited writers. As such, they are prepared to find and take their place among those working to bring healing to the world. 

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While attending Principia, English major Alice Stanley (C’10):

  • served as Sylvester house president
  • was a member of the College's honor society, Phi Alpha Eta
  • studied abroad in Japan
  • attended two AWP writing conferences
  • was a columnist for The Pilot
  • was a member and director of Lazy Zipper (a student improv comedy group)
  • competed at the American College Theater Festival
  • performed in five mainstage theatre productions and the senior-directed one acts
  • had a student job
  • was a member of the Christian Science Org

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