Engineering Science

BS in Engineering Science

Principia offers a cooperative, five-year program for those interested in combining a broad liberal arts education with the specialization of an engineering major. Students enrolled in the 3+2 program typically spend three years as full-time students at Principia and two years at an approved institution such as the University of Minnesota. As an alternative, an undergraduate degree in physics, chemistry, mathematics, or computer science is good preparation for graduate work in engineering.

Options within the department

Dual Degree: Students who complete the 3+2 program receive two bachelor of science degrees, one from Principia and one from the ABET-accredited university where they complete their engineering work.

Single Degree: Those who fulfill Principia's engineering science major requirements, but not the full dual-degree program, receive a BS in engineering science from Principia College. (This degree is not accredited by ABET—the Accredititation Board for Engineering and Technology.) 

What our majors do after college
  • Attend graduate programs in engineering
  • Work as engineers at a variety of companies ranging from Harley-Davidson to ExxonMobil


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