Observing Master Teachers Is Only the Beginning

Learning how to teach effectively requires hands-on experiences. That’s why not only observing master teachers but assisting them with their craft is an essential part of every teacher candidate’s training at Principia.

Education majors and minors complete three semesters of a focused education curriculum. During those semesters, the students live in the same residential house and take all of their classes together. Two blocks of courses include three-week internships during which students observe and practice the skills they are learning in the classroom. After choosing an appropriate grade level for their final classroom experience, seniors complete a full semester of student teaching—the last step toward becoming a certified teacher in either elementary or secondary education.

When education students aren’t observing, assisting, or teaching in real classrooms, they’re learning about theory, content, learning models, lesson plan development, assessment, curriculum methods, classroom management, moral development, and diversity. Through the development of what we call “key dispositions” in our teacher candidates, a deep sense of community is nurtured. Our students are trained to express refined moral character and to be innovative thinkers and learners, effective team members, and knowledgeable, skilled professionals.