Educational Studies

BA in Educational Studies
Educational Studies

The Educational Studies major prepares students to teach in a wide variety of contexts, but does not lead to a teaching license upon graduation. Students gain in-depth knowledge of educational theorists as well as experience applying theory to lesson designs, classroom settings, and learning communities. This knowledge is applicable to students who may go on to teach at private K-12 institutions, or colleges and universities. Graduates are well-prepared to pursue a teaching certificate through a master’s degree in Education. Students will develop strong skills in communication, critical thinking, inquiry-based teaching and learning, leadership, and the use of technology. These invaluable skills also prepare students to pursue consulting, training, facilitating, and leadership roles.

Educational Studies majors visit a wide variety of schools, which contribute to their knowledge of the American educational system. Students consider the role of teachers, parents, community members, and leaders in educational reform. These topics are explored in terms of both past and present efforts to design an educational system that supports learning for all students. 

Educational Studies majors are encouraged to pursue a second major and/or at least one minor to increase their potential of earning a teaching license in a specific content area.