Alumni Stories

James Arnott (C’09)

“Since graduating I feel an ever-increasing appreciation for my Principia College education and value it more and more,” says James Arnott, program director for the Aspen Global Change Institute, in Basalt, Colorado.

After graduating from Principia with a double major in economics and political science, James started out as an intern with the institute, which advances a scientific understanding of the earth and environmental change through interdisciplinary channels. He quickly learned the ropes and attained his current position.

“I am using the foundational tools I developed at Prin, and taking them further,” James says.  “I would not be able to do what I do if it weren’t for Prin and the liberal arts education I received.”

Among James’s fondest memories of Principia are his experience co-directing the annual Public Affairs Conference (PAC) and performing with the blues band that he formed with friends. Another highlight of his time at the College was participating in the Mongolia Abroad, “a very powerful and enriching time.”

“I grew the most, socially, on that abroad,” James recalls. “I also gained a firmer grasp on how to meet challenges through prayer.”

James plans to begin earning a PhD during the next few years.