Economics majors learn how individual markets function and how governmental policies impact markets of every kind. Courses are taught with an integrated approach to concepts and principles. The combination of theoretical, applied, and practical training provides the development of a number of important business skills, including data analysis and analytical reasoning. A solid foundation in economics is especially appropriate for students interested in careers within business, accounting, law, government, or teaching.

what our Majors do during college
  • Help organize the annual, student-run Public Affairs and International Perspectives Conferences
  • Study abroad in places such as Japan, Europe, Barbados, and China
  • Participate on a house board or in Student Government
  • Play on a varsity athletic team
  • Perform in a campus theatre or dance production, in the improv comedy group, or in a band
  • Intern at a wide range of businesses and organizations

See the College Catalog for more detailed information about our program and departmental learning outcomes.

I researched and analyzed Brazil's financial services industry for my senior capstone project. I also interned at Digital Latin America, working on projects in their Finance Department.

The idea of community is really important at Prin. We’re not just numbers, like in my high school. I hope whoever comes to Principia realizes how special it is.