BS in Chemistry

Students pursuing a bachelor of science degree from the Chemistry Department develop a working knowledge of basic chemical principles that prepares them for careers or graduate training in chemistry or engineering. Laboratory work, research ethics, and presentation skills are important parts of the major as well. All chemistry majors complete a senior research project. In addition, they may participate in one or more semesters of industrial experience.

Campus Labs and Equipment

The Science Center houses four well-equipped, modern laboratories, a classroom, study areas, a computer room, and faculty offices. Instruments available to chemistry students include atomic absorption (AA), Raman, Fourier transform Infrared (FTIR), gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GCMS), proton and carbon nuclear magnetic resonances (PNMR and CNMR), high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), x-ray diffraction (XRD), ultra-violet visible spectroscopy (UV/VIS), and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR).

what our majors do during college
  • Participate on the solar car team, including traveling to races in the U.S. and Australia
  • Track pollution levels in area rivers and streams
  • Use gas chromatography to discover how octane levels relate to the makeup of gasoline
  • Conduct experiments in the forensic lab
  • Intern at places such as Coca-Cola, Chevron, and Colgate-Palmolive
  • Complete senior research projects like these: isolating egenol (a natural product from cloves), monitoring the degradation (or fading) of colors in artwork, and developing a way to purify water that could be used in countries like Haiti
What our majors do after college
  • Attend chemistry master's and doctoral programs
  • Enroll in graduate enfineering programs
  • Teach at public and private schools
  • Work in a variety of chemistry-related industries
  • Practice law

See the College Catalog for more detailed information about our program and departmental learning outcomes.

You can do more here

While attending Principia, Godfred Fianu (C’11):


  • Majored in chemistry and minored in math and religion
  • Participated on the solar car team
  • Was a member of the track team
  • Choreographed and danced in dance productions
  • Participated in the Pan African Conference
  • Worked at Tenacre, a Christian Science nursing facility in New Jersey, during school breaks

Imagine what you could do!

The academic program, along with participation on the solar car team, dance production, the track team, and the Pan African Conference have given me a full Principia experience.