Marine Science

Being hundreds of miles from the ocean is no longer an obstacle to students interested in pursuing marine sciences. Principia College is a member of the highly regarded Marine Sciences Education Consortium (MSEC) at Duke University.

The Consortium was developed to help member institutions like Principia provide a formal curriculum in the marine sciences (including supervised research opportunities) in the absence of a full-scale, on-campus marine sciences program. The 36 participating colleges and universities were invited to become MSEC members through a formal agreement with Duke University.

Those preparing for careers in marine science or just interested in ocean life and conservation will be able to enroll in courses, conduct field research, and get clinical experience at Duke’s state-of-the-art Marine Lab in Beaufort, North Carolina.

Dr. Scott Eckert, chair of the Biology and Natural Resources Department at Principia, explains that “in addition to the courses Principia offers, through the Duke Consortium Principia students will have access to exciting upper-level courses, hands-on, experiential activities, travel programs, and opportunities to learn from some of the best mentors in the field.”

Qualified students will be recommended to the program by Principia faculty and earn credit from Duke University that applies toward their degree from Principia. 

Besides the opportunity to study at the Duke University Marine Laboratory, students interested in marine sciences can take courses at Principia in Marine Biology, Oceanography, Zoology, and Sea Turtle Biology. This latter course has an optional lab component during which students travel to Trinidad with Dr. Eckert during spring break to conduct research on leatherback sea turtles.