upcoming abroad

Dominica (January 2015)

This mini abroad program allows students from all different majors to investigate the intersection of ecology, conservation, and economic development in a small island nation. Learn more about the Dominica and other upcoming abroads here.


Trinidad (Spring 2012 and 2014)

Students travelled to the Caribbean island of Trinidad to study the world’s second largest nesting colony of leatherback sea turtles! Their studies focused primarily around the nesting colony on Trinidad’s eastern coast at Matura Beach. Students worked hand in hand at night with the naturalist’s of Nature Seekers as well as conducted their own studies of the turtles. Students also got to know other community conservationists, resource managers and fishers who provided a ‘real world’ context to their studies of sea turtles and marine conservation. To learn more about this abroad, read student’s blog posts from the trip.

Iceland (Summer 2012)

Sustainability through community was the theme of this month long abroad to Iceland. On this program, students lived in one of the world’s unique eco-villages while also learning about the potential of alternate energy, energy efficient buildings, organic cultivation, production of arts and crafts from natural resources, recycling, and how a small group of committed people can make a big difference. This program explored breathtaking sites and helped students understand how this island nation is leading the world toward a path of sustainability.

Peru Abroad

(Spring 2013) Student developed an understanding, appreciation, and respect for the Peruvian culture. They also advanced their Spanish language skills through small-group language instruction and homestays. This abroad included two biology courses:

  • Ecology of Peru-- examines one of the most dynamic marine ecosystems on the planet (Humboldt current) and compares Peru’s coastal environment to the high alpine environments of the interior

  • Introduction to Fisheries-- studies the commercial fisheries of the Peruvian coast.   


Researching sea turtles in Trinidad was a great experience. We also assessed data while learning from local conservation workers. Every moment in the field was worthwhile.