Biology / Environmental Studies

BA in Environmental Studies with optional specialization in Geology
BS in Biology
Environmental Studies

The biology major at Principia College is ecologically based and exposes students to a variety of field, laboratory, and classroom experiences. Through studies of our 2,600-acre campus, guided travel (regionally and abroad), theoretical work, and internships, biology students gain an understanding of basic plant and animal biology, the dynamics of biological populations and communities, and major ecosystem functions. Biology students also develop independent field research skills that support future graduate studies and employment in conservation and other fields.

The environmental studies major includes a science-based interdisciplinary course of study. Students have an opportunity to study human-environment interactions under a strong multidisciplinary academic structure with a goal of developing the skills needed to help resolve environmental problems. This broad-based program’s foundation is in biology with support classes in natural resources, earth science, chemistry, statistics, economics, education, sociology, and other math and science courses.

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While attending Principia, biology major Lacey Crabill (C’12) also:


  • Traveled to Vietnam and Nepal on two abroads
  • Joined the solar car team, racing in Australia and placing third at the 2012 American Solar Challenge
  • Conducted research on leatherback turtles in Trinidad
  • Performed in dance production and a student-directed, one-act play
  • Served as president of the Christian Science Organization (CSO)

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