Past Abroad

China Abroad (Spring 2008)

Richard Protzman (C ’08) went on the China abroad just as preparations were underway for the Olympic Games in Beijing. “We were there at such an interesting time. I was so impressed with how much we were able to see in such a large country. Life in China is quite difficult, and our abroad group really learned to help each other and our abroad faculty leader, John Williams. We heard a great deal about political flare-ups in Tibet because of the Olympics. We were also close to the epicenter of a major earthquake. We learned how to trouble-shoot during thechallenges, and got very good at it. It was great to see each of us on the abroad grow as individuals and gain confidence. The abroad experience helped me learn how to identify issues, figure out how to address them, and make decisions, and I do this every day in my law practice.”

“I’ve talked with graduates from other universities who studied abroad, and they basically went to the country with a place to stay, but no real itinerary. I have such appreciation for the planning and care that goes into the Prin abroads. Also, we experienced a wonderful closeness within the group.”

Past Abroads

Japan Abroad (Fall 2012)

Students studied modern-day Japan through the lenses of history, culture,  language, and contemporary society.  The overall goal was for students to understand the key values, events, and forces that have shaped Japan’s history and culture, define its society today, and provide the context for Japan’s future in the 21st century.

Tibet Abroad (Summer 2013)

This program “Discernment of Reality: Separating Fact from Fiction” focused on exploring and understanding the competitive narratives of Tibet. Students conducted research on this topic and completed  independent projects.

Upcoming abroads

Kazakhstan Abroad (Summer 2015)

Japan Abroad (Fall 2015)