Asian Studies

Asian Studies

Asia is defined broadly to include China, Japan, Southeast and island Asia, South Asia (including India), Central Asia, and the Middle East. The Asian studies interdisciplinary minor is designed to awaken a deeper appreciation of this continent’s role in an increasingly global world. Courses explore the history, religion, politics, economy, art, literature, and languages of Asia.

What our students do during college
  • Help plan the annual student-run Public Affairs and International Relations Conferences
  • Study abroad in places such as India, Nepal, Japan, China, Tibet, and Kazakhstan
  • Intern at a wide range of organizations
what our students do after college
  • Work in international business, development, government service, military service, or for  non-governmental organization (NGO)
  • Attend graduate school or law school


The Asian Studies minor was a perfect combination with my political science major because I'm very interested in the politics and economic growth of China. Now I plan to attend graduate school to prepare for a career in international business.