Upcoming Abroads

England Abroad (Fall 2014)

This abroad program is designed to help students discover what it means to be an artist.  Shakespeare will act as the central case study—what did it mean in his time to be an artist—both an actor and a writer?  What does it mean to be an artist today?  Students will explore the art of acting, the art of theatre reviewing, the art of research, and the art of literary criticism.

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Dominica (January 2015)

This program will focus on ecology, conservation, and economic development. Students will take BNR 381 fall semester 2014, BNR 362 winter break 2014, and SPST 281 spring semester 2015.

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Argentina Abroad (Spring 2015)
Led by Paul Van Slambrouck and Cecily Lee
This program will focus on journalism/mass communication, the Spanish language with an additional course in country studies/culture.

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India and Nepal Abroad (Spring 2015)
Led by Chris Young and Dr. Sally Steindorf
This program will include courses in religion, anthropology, the Hindi language and country studies/culture.

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Japan Abroad (Fall 2015)
Led by Linda Bohaker
This program will include courses in history, country studies/culture, and the Japanese language.

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Greece & Turkey Abroad (Fall 2016)
Led by Dan Kistler and Kristin Serafini
This program will focus on mass communication, studio art, and country studies/culture.
St. Lucia Abroad (January 2016)
Led by Lauren Hinchman
This winter break program will focus on Outdoor Leadership and Country Studies.
Race for the White House 2016 Field Program (January 2016)
Led by Dr. Brian Roberts
This winter break program is a multi-disciplinary field study of the 2016 presidential race in Iowa, New Hampshire and Washington D.C.
Finland Abroad (Spring 2016)
Led by Nikki Gamrath, Karen Eckert and Lauren Hinchman
This program will focus on education, sustainability, and country studies/culture.
France Abroad (May & June 2016)
Led by Dr. Hélène Brown
This summer program will provide courses in the French Language and Culture.

“Traveling with other Christian Scientists was the most important factor for me. The support we gave each other, along with the growth we were able to share, was irreplaceable.”

“I’ve talked with graduates from other universities who studied abroad, and they basically went to the country with a place to stay, but no real itinerary. I have such appreciation for the planning and care that goes into the Prin abroads. Also, we experienced a wonderful closeness within the group.”