Prepare to Stretch Yourself: A Higher Degree of Opportunity

At Principia, hands-on learning supplements classroom instruction across a wide range of majors. Students head to fields and streams, nearby cities and towns, and across the globe to gather knowledge and put it into practice. We use the term classroom loosely: it could mean racing a solar car across Australia or developing public policy in Illinois—and just about everything in between.

As a liberal arts and sciences institution, Principia provides that challenge across the board, broadening your perspective and expanding your world, literally. Students with a range of interests and abilities thrive at the College, but high-achieving students, in particular, meet their match in the rigorous academic environment created by close interaction with faculty and unique opportunities for hands-on learning—hallmarks of Principia’s handwrought approach to education.

And since it’s a Christian Science institution, every member of the community practices a religion that encourages you to think deeply and to demonstrate. Principia promotes higher, unlimited thinking—thinking that will not only impact your classroom experience but shape the course of your life. 

Academics of the right sort are requisite. Observation, invention, study, and original thought are expansive. . .