Who is it for?

The Leadership Institute offers a number of talks and workshops each semester that are open to any student, but it works primarily with students who hold leadership positions.

Student Government

The Institute works with the student body president and vice president, Student Senate, house presidents, and house boards, offering workshops, training, and ongoing coaching.

Team Captains

The Institute works with athletic team captains on issues such as motivating others, dealing with conflict, setting standards, and more.

Resident Assistants

In partnership with the Office of Student Life, the Institute works with resident assistants on goal-setting, building rapport, developing confidence, and other leadership skills.

Certificate Seekers

Students seeking a Leadership Certificate work with the Institute not only to fulfill the requirements of the certificate but also to examine the leadership lessons they’re learning.

Special Interests

The Institute works with students who have a particular area of interest. Sample groups include Leaders in Film, which explores leadership in the context of movies, and Leaders across Borders, which looks at the impact of culture on leadership.

I have seen noticeable evidence of the captains putting into practice the leadership lessons they are learning.