What does it do?

Training and Coaching

The Institute offers training for students in leadership positions and provides ongoing coaching addressing the particular issues and needs of individual leaders.


Several times a semester the Institute puts on workshops that are open to all students and cover specific leadership topics and skills. Recent workshops include “High Performance Teams,” “Building Rapport,” and “Difficult Conversations.”

Quiet Time Talks

The Institute, working in partnership with faculty members, hosts several Quiet Time talks each semester. These talks are designed to look at leadership through a spiritual lens. Topics have included the leadership lessons of David, the moral courage of Mary Baker Eddy, and more.

Leadership Certificate

The Institute offers students a chance to obtain a non-credit Leadership Certificate by participating in a range of leadership experiences and activities such as attending workshops and talks, doing community service, holding elected positions, and more. Earning the certificate signifies that a student has actively engaged in learning about leadership and has put that learning into practice.

Special Projects

The Institute has put together special projects for students interested in a particular area of leadership. These include Leaders in Film, which explores leadership in the context of movies, and Leaders across Borders, which looks at the impact of culture on leadership.

Class Support

The Institute periodically visits classes to present guest lectures on leadership subjects or take students through a leadership activity.

This was probably the most useful thing I’ve done at Prin. It taught me a lot about leadership, myself, and life.

The meetings we had definitely opened my eyes up to some different types of roles that leaders have that I would never have thought of.