Institute for the Metaphysics of Physics

Principia College founded the Institute for the Metaphysics of Physics with Dr. Laurance Doyle as director. “The purpose of the institute is to research, educate, publish, and inspire students, faculty, staff, and humanity about the revolution going on in physics, particularly in quantum physics,” says Dr. Doyle, principal investigator and astrophysicist at the SETI Institute in California.

He goes on to note that, as a school for Christian Scientists, “Principia College is particularly well equipped to participate in the metaphysics (underlying reality) of these academic discoveries, which Mary Baker Eddy foresaw and discovered. Principia students should be ground-level participants in a revolution going on in the physics world with respect to observation, reality, the insubstantiality of matter, and the fundamental role of consciousness in science.”

The institute opens opportunities for student and faculty research, particularly in the area of metaphysics as it relates to quantum physics. While the institute is of special interest to math, physics, computer science, and chemistry majors, its activities are open to all students. Participating students will have opportunities to engage in ongoing research about quantum astronomy, among other disciplines, at the SETI Institute as well as other research organizations.

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Dr. Laurance Doyle, Director for the Institute for the Metaphysics of Physics at Principia College, talks about Principia's program and concepts surrounding quantum physics. Watch the video.