Do you know what you want to do after college or how you’ll start your career? How can you improve your job prospects? Is there something you should be doing that is looked highly upon by grad schools? Would you like to build your confidence, improve your work skills, network with professionals, and possibly earn academic credit while still in college? One of the best ways to gain vital hands-on experience in your field of study and prepare for life after graduation is by participating in an internship.

Internships – from computer programming in San Francisco to counting fur seals in the Bering Sea – let you apply the skills you’ve developed on campus to the world of work.

We encourage all majors to participate in this valuable pre-professional experience in order to:

  • Apply your classroom learning to ‘real world’ situations and expectations
  • Fulfill a graduation requirement  (for some majors)
  • Explore a career before committing
  • Try on an industry, work environment, or organization never considered
  • Discover what you don’t want to do!
  • Expand your list of career contacts
  • Improve your job prospects after graduation

Our students have interned at businesses, charitable organizations, government agencies, and laboratories all over the world. Some majors require students to complete an internship, but even if yours doesn’t, you’ll almost certainly want to earn academic credit for your time on the job.

The College also offers field programs with an internship component. On these, students work individually at the job of their choice, but also attend class meetings, go on field trips as a group, and room together. Past internship field programs have taken place in San Francisco, New Orleans, and Sydney, Australia.

ACA is ready to foster and support students in finding their individual opportunity. Each term we hold group workshops and/or one-on-one appointments to assist students in finding internships in their field of study, preparing a resume and cover letters, interviewing preparation, choosing the best faculty sponsor for an academic internship, as well as paperwork and completion of contracts, if needed.

My thinking, writing, and speaking skills had been developed well enough in classes that I could tackle any assignment given me and adapt easily to whatever situation was presented.