Beyond College

ACA offers services, events, and resources to help answer your questions about graduate school, job searches, alumni networking, and other life-beyond-college needs.

Here are some of the other ways the ACA staff supports students as they prepare for life after graduation:

  • Career Conference—a three-day intensive workshop featuring resume-writing sessions, career research and analysis, job-search and networking tips, practice interviews, advice about business protocol, and more
  • Thinking Beyond College seminars—a series of presentations about personal financial planning, internship and job search tools, networking techniques, and other life skills
  • Graduate/Law School workshops and consultation—assistance finding, evaluating, and applying to graduate schools
  • Job Fairs—on- and off-campus internship and job recruitment events throughout the Greater St. Louis metropolitan area
  • Alumni Career Contact service—assistance identifying and contacting Principia alumni who are interested in talking with you about your career, or about graduate schools in your area(s) of interest

A few of the graduate schools attended by Principia College graduates:

Babson College
Boston University
College of William and Mary
Denver University College of Law
George Mason University
Georgetown University
Harvard University
Northwestern University
Pepperdine University
Purdue University
Stanford University
Syracuse University College of Law
Texas A&M
Tufts University -- The Fletcher School
University of California, Berkley
University of Chicago
University of Michigan Law School
University of Virginia
Washington University
Yale University